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6 Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

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It’s no secret that the technology we use can make us a target for viruses and cyber attacks if not secured properly, especially when it comes your mobile device. As time goes on, threats are evolving and adjusting based on users habits. Here is a list of 6 tips you can use to keep your mobile device safe from hackers.

1. Always Keep your Phone Locked

One of the biggest threats is getting your mobile device stolen. Having a password on your device will help keep your information safe longer.

2. Set Secure Password

Setting strong passwords on your apps will make it harder for a hacker to guess them. It’s also suggested to set a different password for each app.

3. Keep your Devices Operating System up to Date

Operating system updates help with performance and security.  These updates can protect both IOS and Android devices from newly discovered threats.

4. Connect to Secure Wifi

When you are out it is super easy to connect to wifi wherever you are. While free wifi can save us on data, it’s important to be wary of unsecured networks. 

5. Beware of Downloads

When you are downloading apps, be sure to download them from the official app stores and check reviews.

6. Install Anti-Virus Software

There are so many anti-virus programs for laptops and desktop computers, but did you know there are also many programs for your mobile device as well? These programs can protect against viruses and hacking attempts.

Mobile devices used to be near-invulnerable to hackers, but times have changed. Nowadays, without proper security, your mobile device represents an “in” to many hackers. Protecting yourself with these 6 tips will make sure your information stars safe and out of the hands of hackers.