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Advice for Successful Application Onboarding into CyberArk

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The Keys to the Kingdom are not only held by a privileged user. You can find them on the application, software and the script. However, the key to a successful onboarding of application credentials into your PAM solution is very different. The process of privileged human accounts onboarding is usually done by a quick conversation between the IAM/PAM team or SecOps to the account owner. For application privileged accounts, it is a different game; you need to talk with the developers/programmers. This article provide an advice for Successful Application Onboarding into CyberArk.

Below are the four common challenges we see in the implementation:

1. BAU Process – There is no end-to-end process for application onboarding. Many times the PAM manager is trying to copy the human account process, which is incorrect. Application onboarding must have a separated process.

2. Stakeholders – Assessment and onboarding process must be done with the application developers and not with the application owner or administrators.

3. Strategy – The drivers of application accounts onboarding should be the PAM policy, compliance, and auditors. Sticking to the company’s Privileged Access Management Policy (PAM) will support you in getting cooperation from the developers.

4. Communication – The typical IAM/PAM engineer doesn’t have the tools to communicate and successfully complete the onboarding task. The PAM engineering team needs to have skills or background from software or script programming.

Our advice is to create a new end-to-end process that is adjusted to application accounts within your organization. Our team has the experience and tools to assist you with a Successful Application Onboarding into CyberArk. We successfully led and completed a few PAM programs in the financial sector and assisted them in building and implementing their PAM practice for applications. If you need help in creating your BAU “Business As Usual” application onboarding process, contact us today!