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Avoid Breaches occurred by Privileged User Abuse

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Many data breaches in 2020 done by privileged user access abuse by someone internal or external to the organization. We believe that Privileged Access Management is a must-have solution for every company. However, even organizations that already have PAM solutions face threats of misuse of Privileged Users since the implementation of PAM is much more than software installation. Let’s break it, shake it, and rebuild it to understand what Privileged Access is, and why the implementation is more than installing a cyber-security solution.

Let’s talk about technology. Password vault It is a software that keeps privileged users and passwords for humans or applications accounts in a secure digital safe in an encrypted format. The best practice for managing privileged accounts is automatically changed (rotated) the password several times a day to minimize the time frame that someone can reuse exposed passwords. Nowadays, Most Privileged Access Solutions include more tools for managing Privileged Access, such as session recording, Threats Analysis, compliance check, and audit reporting.

Now when we understand what a vaulting solution is, let see what we are keeping inside. Privileged User Accounts are users that granted administrative privileges access to critical IT systems with sensitive data. Those accounts are among the most common forms of accounts access granted on an enterprise domain, allowing users to have administrative rights. Among Privileged Access Users, you can find: Local Administrative Accounts such as Local Administrator (Windows) or root (Unix), Domain Accounts that possess total control over domain controllers, Emergency Accounts that provide access to secure IT systems in the event of an emergency, and service and application accounts that are in use to run batch jobs or scripts as well as access databases or other IT services.

Professional services engineers preventing data breaches caused by  privileged user access abuse

The protection of privileged accounts in a vaulting solution reduces the risk of unauthorized access and likewise reduces their vulnerability to cyber-attacks by internal or external threats. As per Gartner (August 2020), Privileged Access Solutions is one of the top cyber-security solutions for every company. Sound simple until now, and you probably asking yourself where the challenge is. The rapid process of adopting new technologies and the digital transformation of companies has extremely increased the challenge of protecting Privileged Users. Today, any cyber-security solution implementation is more than a software installation. Organizations must consider the balance of security and compliance requirements with operational and end-user needs while keeping flexibility on the business line.

We believe that professional services and consulting is more than installing and

giving advice. We assist organizations in protecting access to the most valuable IT assets by implementing Privileged Access Security (PAS) solutions, onboard privileged Access users, and adding more security controls for internal network and remote access. When most security solutions are building walls to protect outsiders’ threats, we focus on protecting against internal threats by adding another layer of security that manages and keeps the access keys secured.

SEGMENTECH is a Cyber-Security integration firm specializing in Privileged Access Management (PAM). We are a strategic Certified CyberArk partner for professional services and can assist with CyberArk software licensing. CyberArk solution will help you preventing data breaches that occurred by privileged access abuse. We are providing services in Ontario, Canada and across the US. Our mission is to help our customers secure Privileged Access Users in their organization and build their Privileged Access Practice to be successful. Our main priority is to stay ahead of the game with the latest knowledge and expertise in current vaulting technology trends. We regularly share this valuable information with our clients and help them solve the most complex IAM/PAM challenges.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can prevent data breaches related to privileged user access abuse.