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Bringing Your Own Device To Work

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In the last year, we have seen a tremendous increase in people working from home around the world.  As this has been very beneficial and productive for some businesses, it is also causing high risk for cybersecurity threats. When we extend digital connectivity beyond the traditional workplace, this usually increases exposure to cyber attacks and other threats to data security. When people access work applications and resources from beyond the traditional workplace,  they lose some of the protections the office provides. This can increase the risk of hackers getting access to sensitive data. Bringing your own device to work can have it’s pros and cons.
If your organization allows employees to bring their own computing devices to the workplace, whether they are smartphones, tablets, or laptops – they need a bring your own device security policy in place. Today, nearly all employees comes to work with their own internet-connected device. This means higher potential for an employee introducing security risks to your company. Advances in the technology and the costs of providing their workforce with secured devices makes BYOD a great proposition to employers. Employees also like that they only have to keep track of one device and the convenience of managing their personal and work items in one place. But there are many risks that are associated with BYOD as there are so many different entry points into company systems.

Lost Device – An employee losing a device or having it stolen can cause a huge disaster for an entire company if they didn’t follow recommended company security protocols. Even if the worker did everything correctly, hackers now have access to more advanced technology. A hacker with enough skill can crack a secure password and receive access to confidential information.
Employee Training Many security breaches are caused by human error. They may not fully understand company requirements when it comes to securing their devices. Not focusing on employee security training can lead to employees making errors which lead to compromising the security of a companies systems.
Malware – An employees may use their device to download information and may not be careful about separating and securing valuable company data from everything else. They could end up passing it right into your company network the next time they log in which can be quite dangerous to the company. 
Unsecured Access – Employees connect to public wireless networks regularly, whether at the local coffee shop or the airport. Employees trying to speed up their connections or trying to save data puts a companies information at risk. Both unsecured networks and Bluetooth discoverability leave devices vulnerable to hackers trying to gain access to mobile devices.

Companies need to maintain a policy detailing employee device use and ensure employees understand their responsibilities. BYOD solutions can improve employee productivity and morale. But, left unaddressed by IT, personal device access to an organization’s network can present serious security challenges. Check Point‘s Sandblast Mobile is the leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, which provides complete threat detection and mitigation, full visibility, the best mobile catch rate, and simple deployment. By integrating with all market-leading MDM/UEMs, Sandblast Mobile adds a critical layer of security to these solutions by covering all vectors of attack. Register now to receive a FREE Check Point Sandblast Mobile Demo. If you are looking for a Privileged Access Management solution for a business, we would be happy to talk and share our experience and technology solutions. Contact SEGMENTECH today!