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CyberArk Training and Certification

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We received many requests regarding CyberArk Training and Certification, and we decided to share with our customers and blog readers some more details about the CyberArk Training Program.

Introduction to CyberArk Certification Levels

The CyberArk Certification Program is built and designed that each level is introducing more advanced and challenging material. It is not a one-time certification, and it is recommended to move between the levels in parallel to your work experience with the CyberArk product.

Levels of Certifications:

The CyberArk certification program has four certification levels.

Level #1 – TRUSTEE

Level #2 – DEFENDER

Level #3 – SENTRY

Level #4 – GUARDIAN

The first step in the CyberArk certification journey is the free trustee certification. At SEGMENTECH, the trustee certification is a must for all employees. Even employees hired to non-technical roles like marketing, sales, HR and administration must complete this certification on the first week of employment. It is our way to make sure that everyone in the company has the context and the basic understanding of what we are doing and what are the solutions we provide to our customers.

Tip: We recommend our customers to complete the Trustee certification before engagements or onboarding projects to gain a high-level view of CyberArk solution and about the world of Privileged Access Management.

Learning People

The next two Certification DEFENDER and SENTRY are relevant to technical people who want to build their CyberArk skillset. Those certifications are relevant for daily hands-on people with CyberArk products in security-operation, administration, engineering and deployment. Both Certifications are proof that the holder has good and outstanding theoretical and hands-on experience in Privileged Account Security Solution. Those certifications will open the door for most organizations looking to hire a CyberArk resource.

The guardian is the top-level certification currently provided by CyberArk. It is relevant for very experienced engineers with the ability and expertise in design, Plan, architecture, and consulting services around Prilivlged Access Security. This a very prestigious certification that will position you as an expert in Privileged Access Management. The attendance in the Guardian Workshop is by invite only.

Certification For CyberArk Partners

CyberArk has another Certification that is relevant to CyberArk partners. That certification is called CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer (CCDE). To obtain this certification, you must pass an exam and technical challenge. The certification must be renewed every 18 months, and it’s available for CyberArk partners only. This certification ensures that all partners who deploy or upgrade CyberArk products are aligned with the latest CyberArk knowledge and the high standard of work required by CyberArk.

SEGMETNECH’s internal Certification Process

Our business strategy around Privileged Access management (PAM) is that we only represent and provide services for CyberArk Software, which is the #1 leader in Privileged Access management. Therefore, all our engineers must have hands-on experience and CyberArk certification. We are usually hiring people with past experience in CyberArk. However, once a year, we are hiring an IT engineer that is new to the CyberArk world. Our internal Certification progress takes around six months and includes Peer mentoring, building CyberArk labs for practice, preparing for the exam, and 2-months of shadowing. If you are a CyberArk expert or IT security Rockstar, share with us your CV, we are always looking for new talents to join us.


  • CyberArk provide a wide range of Training and Certification programs for customers and partners
  • For general knowledge, we are recommending the Trustee certification than can be completed within a few hours, it is free and will open your mind to the world of Privileged Access.
  • For customers who are working with CyberArk products daily, we recommend the Defender and Sentry certification. You can talk with your CyberArk AE to purchase and register for the training provided by CyberArk.
  • If you work for a partner and have more than five years of extensive experience designing, consulting, planning, managing, and deploying CyberArk solutions, try to get into the next Guardian workshop.
  • CyberArk has over 30k certified member.

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CyberArk is a registered Trademark of CyberArk Software Ltd. The information provided to you on this blog post is for reference only. To SEGMENTECH’s customers who are looking to get more details about CyberArk Training and Certifications, please contact your sales rep.