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Free Privileged Access Management Assessment

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SEGMENTECH is offering a free Privileged Access Management Assessment with CyberArk DNA tool.

The DNA tool can rapidly locate all privileged accounts, shared and generic accounts without having to install anything on target machines and help to identify vulnerabilities by scanning and analyzing privileged accounts across networks.At the end of the assessment, the customer will be provided with a detailed report of Privileged User Access and credential status for each account.

Top 5 reasons to run a CyberArk DNA scan:

  1. Locate credentials and gain full visibility into high-risk accounts
  2. Quickly uncover risks and vulnerabilities on-premises and in the cloud
  3. Identify hard-coded application credentials Locate password hashes vulnerable to theft
  4. Get the data to prioritize a project plan and effectively reduce risk
  5. Make sure you are aligned with your policy and see you compliance status

SEGMENTECH can help you uncover privileged accounts, prioritize the highest risk accounts and use cases, and assist in building a business case for a privileged access management program. We are strongly recommending the use of CyberArk DNA tool as the first step of your privileged access management program. For more details, visit: or contact us.