FREE Discovery & Audit™ (DNA) assessment tool from CyberArk.


Are your privileged accounts really as safe as you think? As the pathway to your most valuable data they are today’s key targets for cybercriminals.  CyberArk’s new Discovery & Audit™ is a completely free lightweight, comprehensive tool that offers you a detailed view into the quantity, status and vulnerability of each of your privileged accounts.




It is simple to use with powerful non-intrusive scanning, featuring detailed reporting, targeted alerts and easy to read graphics. Stop threats FAST …manage and secure privileged accounts by identifying all the risks. It will allow you to:

• Identify the extent of risk by discovering every single privileged account and its status
• Understand vulnerabilities to specific cyber security threats
• Save valuable audit preparation time and cost
• Gain visibility into the privileged account problem and solution
• Implement a comprehensive solution.

Knowledge is power. Protect your precious privileged accounts from the inside out.

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