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Handling hard-coded credentials with Cyberark AAM

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Many organizations are still using hardcoded credentials that are stored in config plain-text files or inside the application code for making application-to-application connections. Developers and DevOps believe that this approach of hard-coded credentials is providing flexibility for the implementation and make it easy to push the code from the development stage to production. But in reality, hard-coded credentials are a huge risk to the organization’s security posture.

When it comes to user’s access security, many organizations already implemented the right policies, practices, and tools to manage and control their privileged access users. However, managing human accounts is definitely not enough, and one of the leading security problems faced by organizations is how to deal with the hard-coded user and password in applications. The likelihood of hard-coded exploit is very high. For example, If a malicious user comes across a script with a hard-coded user and password that initiates a database connection, it is a simple matter of gaining access to that database, steal sensitive information, manipulating data, or deleting the all set of data.

In the last few years, we assist customers in building their skillset and onboarded process of managing application credentials with CyberArk’s Application Access Manager Credential Providers (AAM) that is part of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security solution. The AAM component is used to eliminate hard-coded application credentials embedded in scripts application or configuration files and allows these high-sensitive passwords to be stored within the Cyberark’s secured digital vault (EPV). 

If you are a current CyberArk customer that needs assistance with your application credential management (AAM, Credential Provider), do not hesitate to contact us. SEGMENTECH professional team includes engineers with past experience as software developers. We know how to deal with code, how to talk to your development team and to make your Privileged Access Management program a successful one.