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How To Stay Productive During This Time

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With remote working becoming the new norm, we are all finding new ways to help employees stay productive and work towards the same business goals. Working from home is not unusual anymore and it is slowly becoming the new norm for most businesses. It has even become more normal in the past few months. Indeed, millions of employees around the world were asked to work remotely to protect themselves from the pandemic.

While over 50% of the North American population used to work remotely on a regular or occasional basis before the COVID-19 outbreak,  the number of employees working from home as drastically increased right after the World Health Organization announced last March that the coronavirus reached the pandemic status. Some businesses have moved to 100% remote work in less than 48 hours. Communication teams were urged to find the right strategy to keep the business running smoothly despite the pandemic. 

While some companies were used to remote work before the outbreak, it was a completely new way or working for others. Those companies that were not used to remote work were not ready to successfully change their work arrangements right away. That is the reason why business experts and analysts payed great attention to the way companies – from startups to enterprise businesses were adjusting their internal processes and employee communication strategies.

Now, the question is – does remote work impact your employee’s productivity? 

This is a concern most business leaders have in mind right now. Indeed, not all employees necessarily have a good internet connection at home. Maybe not all task can be done remotely. And what about employees who are working from home with young kids, do they have all the support they need to be successful in their jobs?

So, how do you help your employees stay productive while working from home?

Your internal team is the glue that holds your entire business together and it plays an even more important role during the coronavirus outbreak. The thing is, its not only some of your employees but your entire workforce that is now working from home. That means you need to implement a completely new way of communicating with your employees. Remote work requires a completely different mindset than working from the office and some employees may struggle with this change. It has been shown that some remote employees say that they lack a sense of belonging and sometimes feel lonely and disconnected when there are working from home under normal circumstances. This is why setting a schedule to follow each day working from home will help employees stay on track and focused.

While remote workers used to work from home one or two days a week on average, and now they are working from home more often. That means that you have to completely rethink the way you’re communicating and engaging with them. 

That is where your internal communication with your entire team comes into place – host virtual team-building exercise, host zoom call instead of phone calls. It will allow people to feel appreciated and excited to be back to the “new norm”. And in the end, be more productive than ever before.

At SEGMENTECH, more than 80% of our workforce was working from home, and the organization change for us on the operational side when COVID-19 came was minor. However, we found out that during the pandemic, a company needs more than the ability to keep the business running. It must support the teams to be productive and successful. Our best advice to you is, Embrace the change, it is our new reality, and it is already here. Support your employees and customer, and make the adjustment that requires to keep the “glue” that you had before the new situation.