SEGMENTECH is a Cyber-Security boutique professional services firm specializing in Identity Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions implementation, operations, and integration. SEGMENTECH operates in North America, with an HQ in Canada, an office in Jersey City, NJ, USA, and a LATAM extension.

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We predict that over 70% of companies have either had a breach into their IT system or will have a breach within the next 12 months. The evidence supporting our prediction comes from witnessing the rate of these attacks sky-rocket over the past 6 months since. The problem is that cyber-attackers no longer need to hack into your systems – They simply login. It seems hackers have found a new way to make their attack vector more efficient by using the employees’ mobile devices as a wide-open entry point into the organization they are targeting.

Working from Home is a Cybersecurity Game Changer

Cyber-Security awareness is all around, and many businesses acted fast and implemented a security solution to protect employee’s laptops. But what about employees’ mobile phones, that are more in use for business purposes these days than ever before?  

In the last few months, we have seen a tremendous increase in people working from home worldwide. This has been very beneficial and productive for some businesses, although it also opens the door to an unprecedented security risk. When we extend digital connectivity beyond the traditional workplace, this increases exposure to cyber-attacks and other data security threats. 

Mobile Threats Through Fake Apps & Malware

Mobile phones quickly became a considerable risk for any business. There are many ways that malware can sneak into our smartphones. Mobile malware is the most common of attack methods, and it is usually served up via a fake app. It can damage your phone and data in many ways. It can install spyware, steal or delete data, hijack your text messages, and other apps even lock your phone and hold it for ransom.

For example, GravityRAT program is a type of malware (Remote Trojan Horse). Hackers are usually hiding it in innocent-looking and legitimate phone applications. Once it is downloaded, the malware program can begin to steal data. GravityRAT has been around since 2015, and it has mainly affected Windows operating systems. However, according to Checkpoint research, this malware is back in a new form and now attacks Android, macOS devices.

How Do You Outsmart The Cyber-Attackers?

As a business manager, the first line of defense in protecting company phones is educating the employees about the threats and protecting their devices. However, we see that hackers become more educated as well, and their attack vectors become more complicated, more personal, and more efficient. It is about time to learn more about mobile device security and consider the implementation of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD). 

Who Are we?

SEGMENTECH is an expert in Cyber-Security and focuses on Privileged Access and endpoints security. We are assisting organizations to protect their most critical IT systems and keys to the kingdom with solutions of two leading cyber-security vendors, CyberArk and Check Point. Our specific focus on those two vendors only helped us build a high level of expertise within our Cyber-Security practice.

The Leading Mobile Threat Defense System 

Check Point’s ‘Sandblast Mobile’ is the leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, which provides complete threat detection and mitigation, full visibility, the best mobile catch rate, and simple deployment. It’s time to understand how to prevent phishing on apps, assure user privacy and device performance, and protect your company mobile devices from malware. Contact us today to see Checkpoint SandBlast in action, and learn more about why Mobile Phones Security is critical for you business.

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