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Securing Your Success with Privileged Access Management

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If you are not using privileged access management (PAM) tools yet, this is a must project for 2021. Whether your IT infrastructure is running in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid environment, you must manage and secure the keys to the kingdom to reduce the risk of privileged credential misuse and potential cyber-attacks. Privileged Access Management refers to systems that securely manage the account of users who have specific permissions to confidential information and resources. Privileged accounts exist everywhere. These accounts are one of the most common forms of account access granted on an enterprise domain, allowing users to have administrative rights. There are many types of privileged accounts, and they can exist on-premises and in the cloud. They are very different from other accounts as they have elevated levels of permission, such as changing settings for large groups of employees.

Even though these accounts exist everywhere, they present serious risks to organizations. Hackers are more interested in stealing confidential information from privileged accounts than any other type of account. This is because of the elevated permissions these accounts hold in a system. The protection of access to privileged accounts by PAM solution helps the organization reduce the risk of unauthorized access and reduces their vulnerability to cyberattacks by internal or external threats. Here at SEGMENTECH, we believe that implementing a PAM solution is a MUST and one of the top tools you must have in your company.

Implementing a Privileged Access Management strategy is super beneficial and of course, increases security, but that’s not the only reason why. It also protects against inside attacks. A significant number of attacks come from the inside organization or from past employees who have left. Insider attacks occur by malicious users who are entrusted with authorized access of a system. Another great reason is increased productivity. A PAM solution allows users to login faster to the systems they need and removes the burden of remembering a million passwords. It also allows for the main user to easily manage privileged user access from one main location rather than visiting different systems.

PAM is important for all companies that are growing or have a large IT system. CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access security, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and assets across the enterprise, in the cloud and throughout the DevOps pipeline. CyberArk delivers the industry’s most complete solution to reduce the risk created by privileged credentials and secrets. They are considered the leaders in Privileged Access Management globally with having the most advanced technology on the market. Here are some tools and software that PAM supplies:

  • Password Vaulting
  • Password Management
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Access for remote or third parties
  • Mobile Access points 
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Secure Vendor Access
  • User Session Recording
  • Endpoint Security
  • And so much more

SEGMENTECH is an advanced CyberArk Certified Partner for professional services. We strongly recommend the implementation of CyberArk software for Privileged Access Management (PAM).  Contact SEGMENTECH today if you want to discuss more about why Privileged Access Management is a must-have solution.