Security Intelligence Kit from CyberArk – Clone


CyberArk solutions help businesses detect and respond to the most critical risks with targeted threat analytics, focused on privileged account activity.

Once attackers have access to privileged accounts, they can create irreparable damage by modifying system configurations, taking control of financial transactions, stealing confidential data, and disrupting business operations.

Take a look at this complimentary Security Intelligence Kit from CyberArk – it provides you with a realistic perspective of today’s threat landscape and the challenges it presents for your business. Discover how the latest analytics and threat detection technology from CyberArk, a security industry leader, stops potentially damaging cyberattacks in their tracks.




CyberArk offers a threat detection solution that detects and alerts on anomalous privileged account and user behaviour. Using patent-pending algorithms built-in to the solution, highly accurate and immediately actionable intelligence is delivered to security teams, enabling them to respond directly to potential threats.

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics enable you to:

  • Collect and analyse targeted data from multiple sources
  • Identify suspicious privileged user behaviour quickly
  • Detect and alert on the most critical attacks (like Kerberos attacks such as Golden Ticket)
  • Respond automatically to detected incidents by invalidating suspected stolen credentials immediately.


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