CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution

CyberArk is the trusted expert in privileged account security. We have more experience with privileged account security than any other vendor and we put that expertise to work for our customers in a clear and effective approach to managing the risks associated with privileged accounts.

To mitigate the risk of a serious breach, enterprises need to adopt a security solution that specifically addresses their privileged account exposure. CyberArk’s privileged account security solution provides the comprehensive protection, monitoring, detection, alerting, and reporting that is a mandatory requirement to thwart the malicious insider and advanced attacker.

MINERVA LABS: Stop Evasive Malware

Enterprises face an onslaught of sophisticated attacks that involve malicious software that bypass most of today’s traditional endpoint security measures. Minerva prevents Evasive Malware and Ransomware by using deception for prevention on the endpoint.

Minerva simulates an environment that forces malware to remain dormant, believing the targeted environment to be too hostile for deployment and prevents Ransomware 100%. Put malware to sleep and never pay the ransom with Minerva!

  • Web Application penetration testing based on OWASP’s practice

  • Privileged account discovery and assessment of related security risks

  • Identification of machines vulnerable to pass-the-hash attacks

  • Major IT processes review and business analysis from a security perspective

  • Network vulnerability scanning

Semperis: Next Generation Identity Protection

Semperis reduces your attack surface and protects access to your systems by protecting your identity management system from failures and cyber attacks.  Semperis gives you full visibility into the changes made in your Active Directory and allows you to selectively roll back those changes.  Semperis Forest Recovery is the easiest most comprehensive Forest Recovery solution available.

You invest to protect your business applications from going down.  Are you giving the same attention to Active Directory

  • Full Forest Recovery

  • Active Directory State Monitoring

  • Dashboard show Active Directory activity

  • Selective rollback of Active Directory changes

FinalCode: Enterprise Grade File Security

FinalCode protects your intellectual property with Enterprise level encryption and functionality.  Now you can confidently share sensitive information and remotely control how your intellectual property is accessed.  You already know that sending intellectual property to third parties subjects you to their cyber security infrastructure.  FinalCode lets you take control by providing file security management.

Our Security Risk Assessment Service includes:

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property where ever it is

  • Confidently share your IP with third parties

  • Remotely manage access to your IP

  • File security management where ever your file is


Our Managed IT services team provides onsite as well as remote services for enterprises, to support the continuity of IT and prevention of cyber-related threats. SEGMENTECH’s goal is to help companies maintain a secure and up-to-date system infrastructure.

Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Endpoint protection

  • Patch and hotfix management

  • Security monitoring and security event investigation

  • Business continuity procedure testing and operation

  • Deployment and management of firewalls, NAC Solutions and VPN connection