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Staying Safe While Using Social Media

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Social media plays a huge role in our life on a daily basis. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok are the most common social platforms used to connect with friends and family. Social media also can help you share your interests with others, or get the latest news. But social media can also put your safety at risk because you are sharing personal information online. According to Statista, in 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. With the number of social media accounts increasing daily, this makes for a perfect entrance for identity thefts. With a huge user database of private information, social media platforms’ responsibility is to keep personal information secure from hackers. Every year, millions of people become victims of data breaches and identity theft. Social media is also such a critical part of our business lives, making it extremely important to keep your accounts safe and secure. It would be devastating if someone hacked a business or personal account, and it could potentially have a severe negative impact on your business or personal life. That’s why it is crucial to be very careful about the information you put online, adjust your privacy settings, and limit the information you put on social media. While users can try to do their best to protect themselves, social networking sites must meet their legal obligations under privacy laws and allow their users to ensure they maintain control over their personal information.

The internet has made our lives much easier in so many ways. However, we need to know how to protect our privacy and secure our accounts. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself when using social media.

1. Securing Account Information –  Never give our account information, Social insurance numbers, bank information, or other sensitive financial information on a social media website. If you need to speak to a financial professional, call their number directly as there has been an increase in phishing emails from financial institutions.

2. Update Site Features – Familiarize yourself with the social media website’s functionality before broadcasting messages on the site. Who will be able to see your messages?

3. Be cautious opening email attachments – Opening unverified files attached to emails can be very dangerous. These files can easily infect your computer or phone with viruses or malware. Make sure to check the sender’s email as that might be a quick way to detect a phishing email. There have been instances with “fake” Facebook or Twitter emails being sent out to confirm your login information.
4. Keep Apps Updated – The easiest thing you can do to protect your smartphone from intrusion is to ensure that the application you’re using is the latest version.

5. Only Install Apps From Official Sources – In addition to keeping apps updated, it’s important to only download apps from official sources.
6. Pay Attention When Granting Permissions – When downloading an app, make sure you pay attention when granting permissions. Likely you’ve just accepted any and all permissions it requested. 
7. Update Your Password On A Regular Basis – Since most services require you to log in before using them, it’s imperative that your passwords are secure and being updated regularly. 
8. Be Careful Using Public Wi-Fi – Information sent through public Wi-Fi is accessible to everyone who has access. You’re safer using your phone carrier’s cellular network or your home’s password-protected internet connection.

During the last decade, social media have made an enormous impact on our lives. It is obvious that smartphones and social media are becoming people’s third hand as we use them for pretty much everything nowadays. As a result, cybercriminals put their undivided focus on the smartphone and social media as it seems like the best tool to penetrate into lives of billions of smartphone users all over the globe worldwide.

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