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The Security Risks Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing refers to running workloads remotely over the internet in a commercial provider’s data center, also known as the public cloud model. It is a virtualized pool of resources, from raw compute power to application functionality, available at the touch of your fingers. When consumers obtain cloud services, the provider fulfills the requests using automation rather than manual provisioning. Today, Cloud Computing services have completely replaced hard drive technology. A Cloud Computing service is providing services like Storage, Databases, Servers, Networking, and Software. Some popular cloud services include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Nowadays, many of us are separated from the office and local hard drives, which makes us rely on remote servers to view files and databases in real-time. But as usual,  the benefits of convenience come with security risks. Let’s now discuss what you need to know about staying safe while using cloud services. 

1. Malware Attacks – As technology improves and protection systems evolve, cyber criminals have also come up with new ways to deliver malware targets. Recently, attackers have been encoding sensitive data onto video files and uploading them to YouTube. Some have also been known to use phishing attacks through file-sharing services to deliver the malware.

2. Public Networks – Public Internet connections are more open and accessible than private ones. That makes them easier to use but also increases the risk of data breaches. Organizations must decide whether the benefies of using a public network outweigh the risks. Information sent through public networks is accessible to everyone else who has access. 

3. Loss of Data – Data stored on cloud servers can be lost through a natural disaster, malicious attacks, or a data wipe by the service provider. Losing sensitive data can be devastating, especially if the company has no recovery plan. An essential step in securing data is carefully reviewing your provider’s terms of service and their back up procedures. 

4. Account Hijacking – Account hijacking is a severe security risk in cloud computing. It is the process in which individual users’ or organizations’ cloud accounts, including bank accounts, e-mail accounts, and social media accounts, are stolen by hackers. This can become a big problem if a privileged user account is hijacked as this type of account has control over many different accounts. 

5. Poor Access Management – Access management is one of the most common cloud computing security risks. The point of access is the key to everything. That’s why cyber criminals are targeting it so much. PAM is essential for all companies that are growing or have a large IT system. CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access security, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure, and assets across the enterprise, in the cloud, and throughout the DevOps pipeline. CyberArk delivers the industry’s most complete solution to reduce the risk created by privileged credentials and secrets. CyberArk is considered the leader in Privileged Access Management globally, with having the most advanced technology on the market.

The shift to cloud technology has given companies much needed scalability and flexibility to remain competitive and innovative in the business environment. Unfortunately, it has also made data vulnerable to leaks and losses due to a variety of factors. When one click can cost thousands or even millions, all users need to be aware of the most critical cybersecurity risks and cloud computing vulnerabilities. SEGMENTECH is an advanced CyberArk Certified Partner for professional services. We strongly recommend the implementation of CyberArk software for Privileged Access Management (PAM).  Contact SEGMENTECH today if you want to discuss more about why Privileged Access Management is a must-have solution.