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What is Risk Distancing?

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With everything going on in the world, social distancing has become a regular aspect of our personal and professional lives. Working from home has become the new norm, and we are all finding new ways to help employees stay productive and work towards the same business goals while keeping our distance. Many of us are struggling to make the transition to work from home and engaging in social distancing. While isolation and working remotely can be challenging on our mental health, it is important to stay safe and follow the guidelines to make sure everyone, including yourself are safe. We can preemptively control the virus from spreading rapidly by just staying home and washing our hands. It can be quite hard to imagine when and if we will go back to a “normal” routine, but social distancing is here to stay and we need to learn to adapt safely. While social distancing is about following recommended safety guidelines to avoid COVID-19, there is also something called “risk distancing”.

But what is risk distancing? 

As said by CyberArk – risk distancing is a reminder to follow best practices for security to mitigate risks of an attack. Many companies rushed to onboard new applications and services to make remote work available to their employees. This may have caused a high-risk for viruses and malware as proper precautions may not have been taken to the fullest. Risky working from home habits are putting business software and confidential information at risk. Also, when people access work applications and resources from beyond the traditional workplace, they lose some of the protections the office provides. This can increase the risk of hackers getting access to sensitive data. There has also been an increase in communications and collaboration tools with known security vulnerabilities like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. It seems like everyone nowadays are using these platforms to socialize for work and personal communication virtually. Unfortunately, Zoom was never designed to be the primary communication platform for businesses, government and even individuals. These platforms lack strong security as they didn’t expect to grow so quickly.

Industries including technology, financial institutions, and government sectors have recently invested in remote working tools to help with risk distancing and the majority of its employees working from home. We need to start looking at all existing cybersecurity programs and make them a top priority as this is becoming the new norm, and we might not go back to old ways of doing things.

CyberArk has created a Risk Distancing Resource Center available to learn why privileged access management is one of the most effective in protecting confidential information, workstations, and remote user access. CyberArk also provides best practices, informative videos, and a free trial to help identify privileged vulnerabilities within your organization. In the last year, we saw more and more organizations that are working remotely due to COVID-19. It means that your employees’ remote location has become your new office extension. The SEGMENTECH team has tremendous experience in implementing CyberArk solutions in the cloud and on-prem environment for enterprise and commercial clients. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can assist with purchasing and rolling out your Privileged Access Management program.