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What’s so Important About Protecting Admin Privileges?

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Administrative Privileges are a necessity to many businesses as a means to increase efficiency, problem-solve, and effectively designate and protect access to limited, trusted administrators. It can increase security measures by limiting access from all users, but it can also leave businesses vulnerable. These accounts are especially vulnerable to attackers, and security measures must be increased for those with privileged access to avoid disastrous security breaches and loss of assets. What is Administrative Privileged Access?

Administrators are users that have enhanced access to all users, servers, and systems put in place by a business. System and Network Administrators are essentially given remote access to all non-administrative accounts. They can be delegated to IT to fix issues or solve problems within individual accounts. This access gives them the ability to make these changes quickly and efficiently as they also have the permissions to change settings for a large group of users simultaneously. They’re also able to bypass any security measures or restrictions put into place for external and non-administrative users. This, of course, poses one of the most dangerous security risks for businesses. 

What Damage Could Be Done When Administrative Privileges Fall Into the Wrong Hands?

Hackers and external threats place admin accounts at the very top of their target list because it is a means to gain the most access to a server’s information and allows them to do the most damage as quickly as possible. Identity and Security are one and the same. If an admin’s identity has been stolen, the results can be catastrophic for the targeted business.

 If a hacker does gain access to admin privileges, they can easily view and access any security measures put into place by the company—and completely disable them. This will give them free rein and full access to everything that they need. This includes passwords and highly sensitive information. What’s even more concerning is that they can also bypass any security measures put into place. These hackers can go undetected once they have hacked into a system for several months, obtaining all the information they need to steal valuable assets. 

How Can We Protect Admins And Prevent This From Happening?

Using strong passwords and multi-factor identification has been the go-to starting point, but more action must be done due to the severity of these attacks. This is why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is recommended to protect administrative privileges. A strategy must be put into place to effectively manage admin account privileges as the best defence against hackers. PAM is a means to manage these accounts to both prevent and minimize damage from external attacks. The goal is to implement the least privilege as possible and limit access rights to only what is necessary when it is necessary. PAM will help minimize human error and track and identify any suspicious behaviour that could indicate abuse of privilege and will take action immediately to minimize risks.