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Why Is Mobile Security More Essential Than Ever?

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We all know how getting a virus on our computer can be a complete disaster, but have you ever thought about mobile security? Can they get viruses just like our other devices? 

Mobile phones have quickly become a considerable risk for any business or individual. A smartphone may not be affected by a traditional virus, but there is a far greater chance of your device being compromised by other kinds of malware or threats. Viruses are just one type of malicious software. This is why it is always a good idea to protect your device because technology is always evolving. New malware appears every day, and it seems like hackers continuously get smarter.  There are many ways that malware can sneak onto our smartphones. The first line of defence in protecting your data on your phone is being educated about these types of attacks. Mobile malware is the most common attack method and is usually served up via a fake app. Malware apps can do damage to your phone and data in many ways. Mobile malware can install spyware, steal or delete data, hijack your text messages and other apps, and can even lock your phone and hold it for ransom.

Phishing scams are most commonly delivered via email or text messages. The main intent of phishing scams is to try to obtain personal information. Be aware of suspicious emails from banking and financial institutions that have a call to action such as clicking on a link to enter in account credentials. Always be cautious about clicking on links from unknown senders or suspicious looking messages from familiar companies that don’t look quite right. Despite the rise of mobile threats, there are many ways to protect our mobile devices. Here are some tips that you should be familiar with going forward:

  • Always have a password on your device to prevent unauthorized access. Nowadays, smartphones offer various forms of authentication like passwords, fingerprints, Face ID, etc. 
  • Turn off auto-connect to Wi-Fi networks. There are many unsecured networks out there, and your phone can automatically connect to them, even if you are just passing by one.
  • Do regular backups of your phone. This will be helpful in the event that your device gets lost or stolen.
  • Log out of any website you conduct financial transactions on, from buying products on Amazon to checking your bank account balance.
  • Don’t click on links that are from unknown senders in SMS messages or emails. They could be a part of a phishing scam.
  • Only download apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.
  • Avoid storing sensitive information like passwords or a social security number on your mobile device.
  • Properly wipe your mobile device before you donate, sell or trade it using specialized software or using the manufacturer’s recommended technique. Some software allows you to wipe your device remotely if it is lost or stolen.

And lastly, install mobile security software on your phone as an extra layer of security.

Mobile devices used to be near-invulnerable to hackers, but times have changed. Nowadays, without proper security, your mobile device represents an “in” to many hackers. Protecting yourself by knowing ways hackers can attack your device will make sure you are educated and lower the chances of your personal information being stolen. A smartphone can certainly get viruses just like other devices. The virus can also install spyware, steal or delete data, hijack your text messages, and other apps even lock your phone and hold it for ransom.

CheckPoint’s SandBlast Protection is the leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution, which provides complete threat detection and mitigation, full visibility, the best mobile catch rate, and simple deployment. It’s time to understand how to prevent phishing on apps, assure user privacy and device performance, and protect your company’s mobile devices from malware. Contact SEGMENTECH today to receive a free 30-day trial to see Checkpoint SandBlast in action and learn more about why Mobile Phones Security is critical for your business.