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Why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a MUST

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We assume that most companies have had a breach into their IT system, or are going to be breached within the next six months. Our assumption is based on the fact that cyber-attackers no longer need to hack into our systems – They Just Log In. Over 70% of data breaches in the last two years involve privileged access abuse by someone internal or external to the organization. Those “keys to the kingdom” are what the cyber-attackers are running after, so they can access systems with profitable data and leverage it to make quick profits. Therefore, Privileged Access Management (PAM) became a MUST-HAVE solution for every organization.

So what are Privileged User Accounts?

Privileged User Accounts are users that are granted administrative privileges to systems. Privileged User Accounts are one of the most common forms of accounts access granted on an enterprise domain, allowing users to have administrative rights. For example:

  1. Local Administrative Accounts: These non-personal accounts have the responsibility of providing administrative access, concerning the localhost alone. IT staff make use of these accounts to perform workstation and server activities as well as overall maintenance. Across the organization, these accounts will have the same password, making it an easy target for cyber attacks.
  2. Privileged Users Accounts: These are basically “named credentials” that have been granted multiple access to administrative privileges. These are the most common in organizations identified by their complex and somewhat sophisticated passwords, which give them power across the organizations’ network. 
  3. Domain Administrative Accounts: This particular type of account possesses total control over all domain controllers. These accounts, across all workstations and servers, are given privileged access on a domain. They are also equipped with the authority to alter the membership of every administrative account within the field.
  4. Emergency Accounts: Unprivileged users are provided with administrative access to secure systems in the event of an emergency. Those accounts are also known as “break-glass accounts”.
  5. Service Accounts: These are accounts used to interact with the OS by an application or service. It can be privileged local or domain accounts. You can find those accounts with leveraged access on every server.
  6. Application Accounts: As suggested by the name, these accounts are used by applications to run batch jobs or scripts as well as access databases. This type of account appears beside a password as hard-coded inside a script, and it can easily be used by an attacker to gain access to a critical IT system.

The protection of access to privileged accounts by PAM solution helps the organization reduce the risk of unauthorized access and likewise reduces their vulnerability to cyber-attacks by internal or external threats. We identify Privileged Access Solutions as one of the top tools you must-have in your company.

SEGMENTECH is an Advanced CyberArk Certified Partner for professional service in the US (Jersey City NJ), Canada (Toronto Ontario). We are strongly recommend the implementation of CyberArk software for PAM. CyberArk is recognized as the leader in Privileged Access Management and delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solution, securing privileged accounts, credentials and secrets wherever they exist — on-premises, in hybrid cloud and DevOps environments, and on endpoints. Contact us if you want to discuss more about why Privileged Access Management is a must-have solution.

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