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Why We Shouldn’t Be Writing Down Our Passwords

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Passwords are needed are pretty much everything nowadays. We all have them, and most of us struggle to remember them. Most people keep track of their online passwords by either memorizing them or writing them down somewhere – on a word document, digital or printed sticky notes, on your phone etc. Passwords are often the first line of defence between your information and individuals who want it. They form the wall between your private information and people who want to benefit from it, yet some of us do very little to ensure that our passwords are strong because they can be a real pain to remember sometimes. It is quite tempting to take the easy road and share a password on your computer, or with a family member via email. But taking the easy route leads directly to identity theft and is paved with insecure password habits. 

It is highly recommended not to write your passwords down anywhere on your computer, including sticky notes. It is also recommended not to put all your passwords in a text file on your computer. That’s what password managers are for – If someone steals your computer, they can’t break into your password manager, where they could open the text file or sticky notes easily. 

Password Managers are a secure way to store passwords for the various services you use online. From your Amazon account to your login for your bank, storing your passwords in a manager so you don’t need to memorize or write then down means you can use passwords that are much more complex, having less of an opportunity for hackers.  A password manager helps you create a highly complex password and stores it for you. There are many password managers available, and you should select one that offers features that you are comfortable with. 

Many software vendors and services are offering free 2-factor authentication for personal use. We are strongly recommending the usage of multi-factor authentication since it is protecting you with another security control. For example: something you know (the password) and something you have (the code you received as a text message).

*The above is advice for personal use only. If you are looking for a Password Manager or a Privileged Access Management solution for a business, we would be happy to talk and to share with you our experience and technology solutions. Contact SEGMENTECH Today!